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    BRAND Direct Mail Blog

    You Have Two Marketing Jobs... 

    Monday, August 02, 2010

    You Have Two Marketing Jobs!

    One now and one later – about four months later.

    Marketing chores are always pulling at your sleeve. Get the offer right, get artwork approved, review and revise, place the ad by deadline, get the stores ready, sales staff informed and on and on.  There’s a long list; all important, all urgent and taking up all of your time.

    Your second marketing job is equally as important just not as urgent and a lot easier to do. These are the ads you will run four months from now. After the current ad is complete schedule a meeting now for upcoming ads four to six months ahead.

    This simple task will make your advertising effectiveness much, much better.

    So who on earth plans ads four months out?

          Walgreens Pharmacy           Wal-Mart                   Pathmark Grocery                        Target
                7,000 Stores                 4,300 Stores                   140 Stores                            1,740 Stores
               12 months out              13 months out              4.5 months out                       10 months out

    Mass retailers purchase up to 50% of their merchandise in the Far East. These nimble marketers are sensitive to the pulse of hundreds of millions of American shoppers, sell the season’s hot items and provide the sharpest pricing in their trade area. They may have to work with a number of factories to supply a single sale item. They plan for international transportation, currency exchange and shipping to thousands of stores.


    At the same time a four to twelve page advertising circulars are being created. Space is allocated by department, hot specials are placed and millions of circulars are being printed and sent to homes in their trade area.


    Then, just in time for a weekly circular the item is on shelf at the right price and the ad arrives in the consumer’s hand. And next week they do it again.


    Q: How do they accomplish all of this? A: Planning.

    Q: How did they get so big? A: Planning.

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