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    BRAND Direct Mail Blog

    Postcard Copy Questionnaire 

    Monday, February 07, 2011

    Postcard & Brochure Copy Questionnaire:


    Writer’s block? These questions should get you started. Don’t try to say too much.


        1. What problem does your product solve?

        2. How does your product benefit your customer? Focus on the customer not your business.

        3. Tell a success story of one of your customers. Proofs are stories, case studies, before and after or testimonials.

        4. What can you promise in your ad? Don’t lie.

        5. How does your product bring about change? Show the product in use.

        6. What can you offer “FREE” to get potential clients interested and begin to build a relationship?

        7. How can you help your customers be informed buyers and chose the right product for their needs?

       8. What exact action do you want your customers to do next? Go to website? Call? Come in for a free offer?




                                                                          Go Ahead - Make a Splash



        1.Don't attempt humor unless you are good at it
        2.Suggest that everybody is doing it. 
    Write as if you are talking to one person, not a group or a “target audience.”

    In addition you may want to see the comments on Headings, Body Copy, Images and Offers under the “Services” – “Layout” tab. 


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